'Sexist Public Toilets' In David Cameron's Constituency Slammed

David Cameron's 'Sexist Public Toilets' Slammed

A town in David Cameron's constituency is accused of having the most sexist public loos policy in Britain, forcing women to shell out 10p to spend a penny, whilst men urinate for free.

A petition has been launched by the residents of Witney to end this 'unfair discrimination', with residents pointing out that in nearby Chipping Norton, (where Cameron has a home) neither women nor men are required to pay when nature calls.

Richard McKenzie, who started the petition on Change.org, said he's written to the council but his local MP is David Cameron "who doesn't do very much locally really."

He told the Huffington Post UK: "the nearby toilets in Chipping Norton which are really quite nice are free, while ours, which we have to pay for, are not.

"It was when my wife was pregnant and had to use the loo a lot that I thought it was ridiculous. It's really unfair that women have to pay for public conveniences, especially in a town where parking is free."

However some Twitter users reacted with faux outrage to the petition:

This isn't the first public toilet policy that has caused controversy in recent weeks, with Brighton council angering some local residents after pledging to phase out single sex lavatories. Council chiefs wanted to promote the term 'gender neutral' according to The Telegraph.


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