Billionaire Alki David Promises To Pay Tuition Fees In Return For Streaking Past Nick Clegg

Billionaire Promises To Pay Tuition Fees In Return For Nick Clegg Streak

A billionaire is promising to pay one lucky student's tuition fees if they submit a video showing them running past Nick Clegg. Naked.

Entrepreneur Alki David, founder of social networking site Battlecam, has pledged to cough up a "streak bounty" to whomever gets their bits out in front of the deputy prime minister.

“Many users of our platform are students who are bitterly disappointed that the cap on tuition fees has been removed by the Coalition Government," David says.

“We intend to ease the hardship of at least one of those students by offering to pay their tuition fees if they can submit video evidence of their streak.”

The entrepreneur is famous for previously paying a six-figure sum to a man who was arrested trying to streak in front of Barack Obama.

To qualify, students must shout "Battlecam", the name of David's company, three times throughout their chilly charge. They must also have "Battlecam" emblazoned across their chest and be within 10 feet of Clegg. Entrants are told they "may cover their genitalia", but only with a sign bearing the company's name.

Anyone over 18 and in full time education can enter, and can submit their videos to In the event of more than one student streaking, the winner shall be decided by community vote.

HuffPost UK Students was alerted to this piece via the Student Journals.


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