Vicky Pryce's Emails With The Sunday Times Reveal Her Plot To Bring Down Chris Huhne

'I Think We Can Have Some Fun'

Vicky Pryce's careful plotting to bring down her Cabinet minister ex-husband has been laid bare by her emails to a journalist.

The economist, who was found guilty of perverting the course of justice on Thursday, worked with Isabel Oakeshott, of the Sunday Times, to reveal the points swap that has left them both facing jail.

Driven by her desperation to "nail" Chris Huhne after his affair with his secretary, she wrote that she was "absolutely determined" to press ahead.

With the rival Mail on Sunday also chasing the story, Oakeshott told her: "I'm really up for it and I think we can have some fun."

The Mail on Sunday was "a fairly downmarket publication," she wrote, adding: "A lot of people would think it a bit tawdry for you to be co-operating with them."

Oakeshott urged Pryce not to write a "tell-all" book or go to the Mail on Sunday, saying this could jeopardise her career.

The two planned a trip to Greece, or a "nice spa", together to plan how to tackle the story.

Pryce, one of the country's leading economists, believed she could avoid being outed as either the recipient of the points or the source of the story.

On March 17, 2011, she wrote: "Also the story should be that he made OTHERS take his points, not me specifically and that you heard it from another source, not me."

She also claimed to have told Vince Cable about the points, although he was "v. tired". The Business Secretary denied all knowledge of it on Thursday.

Her anger towards her ex-husbad is clear throughout, as she accuses him of using "BAD economics" over oil prices, adding: "Really shocked by that crap."

Pryce also said she was "pissed off" at having to miss an event that he had decided to attend, and gloated at the overwhelming No vote on electoral reform in May 2011.

The 60-year-old planned to tell Huhne she was on a car phone, as cover for recording the conversation in an attempted sting operation. the emails reveal.

At one point, Pryce suggests using a press conference to spring the allegations on Huhne, but this is rejected by the Sunday Times reporter.

On May 12, Oakeshott wrote: "So, what can we write this weekend???

"Nothing is not an option, according to my boss.

"Now, no getting into a lather, please. Be assured, nothing without your agreement. BUT we need to write something."

She added: "Please don't tell me what I can't write. Tell me what I CAN write."


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