Sunday Times

Lawyer explains there are a number of legal options for people who earn less than their colleagues, but do the same work.
The Sunday Times reported on Sunday that Mazzone was allegedly appointed the party's federal council's second deputy chairperson without an election.
Prasa has however denied the R1- billion investment is being paid to the bank.
The document used by the Sunday Times in its reporting was not an official indictment, the paper has admitted.
It appears as if the "indictment" relied on by the Sunday Times was not compiled by the NPA, and was merely meant as a "guideline".
The power utility insists it can still meet its operational demands.
The MKMVA's spokesperson has denied allegations against Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma in the Sunday Times.
In the battle against ageism this is something of a landmark victory. Age UK says that ageism, or age discrimination can impact on someone's confidence, job prospects, financial situation and quality of life. They also claim the way older people are represented in the media can have a wider impact on the public's attitudes.
Issues around border controls linked to terrorism, 'traditional' criminality, migration, immigration, national security and even queueing times should, as far as is possible, be in the public domain especially around election time. Delaying or redacting reports other than in extreme circumstance where there is a real risk to national security, is cheating the electorate. It's as simple as that.
So, Jenni Murray, and anyone else who says that trans people aren't not "real" men or women, just because I wasn't born with a body that you deem acceptable for my gender, it does not mean my gender is less important, that my experience is less real.