08/03/2013 04:09 GMT | Updated 08/03/2013 08:07 GMT

International Women's Day: 150 Of Our Favourite Funny Women (PICTURES, QUOTES)

The next time you hear someone say that women aren't funny, may we suggest that - after laughing and patting them gently on the head - you direct them to this page.

Because this International Women's Day, we've put together a slideshow of just 150 reasons why women are funny. And they're all the women below.

Yes, we asked our colleagues at Huffington Post UK, we asked our @HuffPostUKCom Twitter followers, and we dug deep and asked ourselves: Who are your all-time favourite funny women? And so was born the gallery below - which is just the tip of a very funny, female-shaped iceberg, of course.

Whether they're comedians, comedy actresses or writers, many of the women below were groundbreaking - and the success of all of them is inspiring.

Click through our gallery - which is in no particular order - and tell us who'd make your list in the comments below. (And in case you're wondering why there aren't 150 slides: that's because the gallery features three double acts. ZING!)

Photo gallery 150 Funny Women - Past And Present See Gallery

And while we've got you: also check out these great funny quotes by women about being a woman. Well, it is International Funny Women's Day, of course...

Photo gallery Funny Women: On Being A Woman See Gallery