MPs Order Books Called 'Deception' And Vicky Pryce's Greekoconomics

Politicians' secret reading lists have been revealed in book requests made to the House of Commons Library, including 'Greekonomics' by Vicky Pryce, one called 'The Jew is not my Enemy' and two books entitled 'Deception' and 'Duplicity And Deception.'

A Freedom of Information request by Londonlovesbusiness.com revealed politicians were not only keen to swot up on economy and technology, but were also curious as to what the ex-wife of disgraced MP Chris Huhne's wife had to say in her book about the eurozone crisis.

Some requests may have revealed MPs' hidden worries, with a request for the self-help book 'We Are Not So Smart' alongside another for the seminar paper on 'Strategic Analysis of the BBC'. Another politico had requested a book on 'Luck', perhaps as a last resort.

A book called 'Deception' and another tome called 'Duplicity and Deception' was also requested, publications that taken at face value might cast doubt on the veracity of MPs' intentions.

MPs were also keen to read up on Enoch Powell, with 'Enoch at 100' ordered as well as 'Bloody Nasty People' a book about the BNP and EDL.

A healthy interest in books by journalists was revealed with Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee's tome 'Dogma and Disarray' requested, as well as Tom Holland's controversial book on Islam.

Another request was for the book 'A Conservative Walks Into A Bar' on political humour.

A Conservative walked into a bar.. A Tory joke?.

A book on how the war in Afghanistan and Iraq had failed was also ordered for some light reading, with Frank Ledwidge's 'Losing Small Wars' on the list.