Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP, Falls Asleep During Brussels Debate (PICTURES)


A UKIP MEP has admitted dozing off during a debate.

Are EU debates that boring?

Roger Helmer was snapped reclining in the European Parliament's 'hemicycle' debating chamber with his hands clasped around his waist.

He posted the picture on Twitter, saying he had to "pause for some Zeds," adding: "This is what comes from working too hard!"

Helmer joins a proud club of politicians caught napping on duty.

Labour's Stephen Pound confessed to falling asleep during a war debate in September, while bookies paid out on Tory grandee Ken Clarke dozing during the budget speech, despite official denials.

Helmer, who represents the East Midlands in the European Parliament, defected from the Tories a year ago.

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