Margaret Thatcher Had 'Beautiful Hands And Lovely Ankles', Reveals Peer

Since Monday politicians, pundits and the public alike have poured over Margaret Thatcher's time in office, showering her with praise and scorn in equal measure. However until last night two of her attributes had gone un-mentioned.

The quality of her hands and of her ankles.

Speaking in the House of Lords on Wednesday, Lord Deben said Thatcher was "a very beautiful woman". But it was not her features or her figure that the Tory peer had been so drawn to.

"She had beautiful hands and lovely ankles, and she knew precisely how to use both," he revealed.

"Any woman who is stupid enough to think that there is something unsuitable about using the gifts that God has given her should be ashamed of herself," he added.

Lord Deben, also known as John Gummer, who was chairman of the Conservative Party during Thatcher's premiership, went on: "She knew perfectly well that she used them not because she was not as good as men but because she was better than men, and she also wanted to have a bit of an advantage. It was a pleasure to see how she turned herself out and how she never forgot that she was a woman."