Margaret Thatcher Dead: Graffiti Art In Leake Street Removed By British Rail For Being 'Offensive' (PICTURES)

PHOTOS: Thatcher Graffiti Gets The Grey Treatment

Whatever you say about Lady Thatcher - and much has been said in the past few days - you couldn't deny her time in power was colourful and eventful.

And when she was deposed, she was replaced by a man more grey than anyone thought grey could be and suddenly life seemed duller.

Leake St from this..

In a bizarre analogy for that time, British Rail have gone all grey on us and painted over - in grey, of course - a vivid and colourful Mrs T mural that one (or more) street artists had crafted in a London underpass after she died earlier this week.

Workmen for the British Rail Residuary Board (not a lot of laughs there, we imagine) got to work on Friday to paint over the graffiti near Waterloo station. this

Admittedly the artwork in the Leake Street underpass included the words 'Burn in Hell Maggie' which might not be to everyone's taste but even Van Gogh struggled to find an appreciative audience in his lifetime.

A British Rail Residuary Board spokesman said: "The removal of the graffiti at the Leake Street site is in line with our standard policy when properties are defaced with graffiti that is obscene, racist or likely to cause offence."

Where's my spray can gone..


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