Google Maps 'Murder' Scene? Reddit Users Debate Almere, Netherlands Picture

Could this show a murder scene, taken from a Google Earth helicopter? Or, more likely, a trail of water from a paddling animal, or a small boat being carried from the jetty, from two blokes fishing..

Reddit users speculated that the scene from the city of Almere, which is across the water from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, shows a bloody crime which had just committed.

The scene which has prompted speculation on Reddit

Posted with a caption 'A murder near my house on Google Maps', commenters speculated that a body had been dragged from the jetty to the park.

A shadowy figure is seen standing at the edge of the water.

But most commenters on Reddit poured scorn on the theory, one saying: "Well broad daylight may not have been the smartest of choices."

Another added: "From what I can tell from looking at the images (you can zoom in a bit more than the image OP linked) is that this wasn't just in broad daylight, but in direct view of pedestrian traffic.

"Also there appears to be someone on a bike crossing the bridge and someone with a dog riding a bike just exiting the bridge. Those photos show that whatever is going on was in clear view of anyone across the lake or crossing that bridge.

"That brown smudge that looks like a body could very well be just a second person standing up.

"It's quite possible that it just may be two people fishing or something. Or you know murder."