Indian Students Develop 'Anti Rape Bra'

WATCH: Indian Students Develop 'Anti Rape Bra'

A group of Indian students have invented a bra which is capable of delivering a 3800kv electric shock to a would-be rapist.

Manisha Mohan at the SRM University in Chennai developed the device in response to a string of high-profile rape cases in Delhi and other Indian cities, as well as the high instance of harassment which often goes unreported in the country.

The Society Harnessing Equipment ('She') is also able to send a text to a relative or the police with the GPS location of the incident, according to the BBC.

Questions remain - including how the bra is able to detect an intruder versus the user, for instance.

Take a look above to see how it works. While it may certainly take more than a single garment - or, as the Daily Beast put it, "a single shockwave" - to fight rape culture, it at least highlights the seriousness of the issue.

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