Thatcher Funeral: Three Arrested For Anti-Thatcher Graffiti

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of spraying anti-Thatcher graffiti ahead of the funeral for the former PM.

Scotland Yard said the men aged 55, 48 and 26, were arrested last night on suspicion of criminal damage in the City of London.

The trio were held around 9.20pm in Threadneedle Street after police spotted fresh graffiti on a wall.

They searched a car nearby and found articles that could be used for alleged criminal damage. The men remain in custody.

Reaction to the former PM's passing has spilled onto walls around the country, with artists spraying their feelings about Thatcher onto hoarding, in tunnels, and over buildings.

One Thatcher mural was painted over after British rail decided it to be offensive.

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From plain vandalism to imaginative art, take a look at some of the Thatcher graffiti spotted around the country in the wake of her death.