Thatcher Funeral: Goldthorpe Former Miners Burn Effigy Of 'Thatcher The Scab' (PICTURES)

PHOTOS: Former Miners Burn Effigy Of 'Thatcher The Scab'

Residents of a former mining town in South Yorkshire have burnt an effigy of Margaret Thatcher inside a mock coffin, placed with a floral wreath spelling 'SCAB'.

Several anti-Thatcherites spat on the coffin as the flames took hold of the effigy, which was placed on a pyre behind a row of derelict terrace houses near the town's high street, with many chanting "scab, scab, scab".

The effigy had been paraded through Goldthorpe earlier in the day, and fireworks were set off before it was placed on a pyre mid-afternoon on Wednesday.

Some residents spat on the effigy as it burned

One man dressed as the devil held up a plaque as part of a silent protest that read "the Devil has come for Thatcher the children's milk snatcher".

An effigy of the late Tory leader had been strung up in a noose outside the Union Jack social club with signs reading: "Thatcher the milk snatcher" and "Thatcher the scab". Several men outside were dressed in National Coal Board clothing and hard hats.

One home in the town displayed a huge sign saying: "The Lady's not for turning but tonight she'll be for burning."

Residents stopped to take photos of the Rusty Dudley pub in the High Street, which was decked out with bunting and banners that said: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Thatcher's Britain has gone bust" and "That's another fine mess you've got us into Maggie".

Songs including Rod Stewart's Maggie May, which includes the line "Wake up Maggie, I think I've got something to say to you", and Going Underground by The Jam were played as crowds spilled out of the club and lined the street.

The effigy was paraded through the town before being lit on a pyre

Several National Union of Mineworkers pit banners were paraded past, prompting cheers and applause from bystanders.

At 1pm, a horse and cart pulled up to the club bearing a replica coffin containing another effigy of the late Tory leader. It was manned by someone in a Margaret Thatcher mask drinking milk.

A piper played as the horsedrawn "hearse" led a parade up the street.

Among the crowd in Goldthorpe was former miner Tony Hiles, who worked in the local pit and picketed throughout the 1984-5 miners' strike.

He said: "I'm not a bitter man, I don't hate people. But I have no feelings for her. I couldn't care less that she's died.

"Margaret Thatcher decimated all this area. We had eight pits in a five-mile radius. The town used to be buzzing, in the villages everyone would go out. And she shut every single one. There's nothing left."

Residents played music and chanted 'scab' as the effigy went past

Robbie Conroy, of Doncaster, a miner for 32 years, said Baroness Thatcher was "a witch" and today was "a great day for working-class people".

He said: "The working class has been slaughtered by this woman.

"There's young people here who weren't alive when the strike was on but the feeling is still here."


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