Bigfoot Mystery As Decomposed 'Foot' Is Found In Massachusetts Woods (PICTURES)

LOOK: Is This Bigfoot's Foot? Decomposing Limb Found In US Forest

Bigfoot rumours are flying again after two young boys found what appears to be a decomposing limb in a wooded area of Quincy, Massachusetts.

Tests are being conducted on the “foot”, the Patriot Ledger Newspaper reports.

It states: “Police Chief Frank Alvilhiera sent it to the medical examiner, who determined it is not human, although it appears to have five toes.”

The find, which is currently being tested by authorities

Alvilhiera told the paper it may belong to a bear or other animal, though “it will take some time before we hear any official results.” The appendage was found in late March.

Over in Siberia, academics hunting the "Yeti" last year announced DNA analysis of mystery hairs collected from a cave in the Kemerovo region which revealed they came from "an unknown mammal closely related to man."

According to the tests, the hairs come from a “human-like creature which is not a Homosapien, yet is more closely related to man than a monkey”, The Siberian Times reported, citing an official website of a regional government in Russia as its source.

The “hand” was in a manila envelope and had a rubber band around the five finger bones, and local police officers and county medical examiners concluded it was indeed human.

The rest of the skeleton was not found and the mystery deepened, before a state forensics lab examination revealed it was actually a bear’s paw.

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