Are Scotland Too 'Poor, Stupid And Incapable' To Self-Govern? (AUDIO)

LISTEN: Unionist Campaign Think Scotland Are 'Poor, Stupid And Incapable'

The Scottish Nationalist Party's leader in Westminster has branded the campaign against Scottish independence as being based on the feeling that the Scottish are "incapable" of governing themselves and are "poor and stupid."

Angus Robertson, the MP for Moray and campaign director for the SNP for the independence referendum, criticised the 'No' campaign as simply "running around trying to scare people into voting No."

The 'Better Together' campaign, led by by Gordon Brown's former chancellor Alistair Darling, was centered on the argument "that people in Scotland are uniquely poor, stupid and incapable of governing themselves," Robertson said on the political podcast Hear Hear, hosted by lobby journalist Sean Dilley.

Robertson added that the campaign's message showed they had no ideas, while the pro-independence campaign based their message on offering hope to the country.

A 'Better Together' spokesperson, however, rejected Robertson's claim, telling The Scotsman: "The only people who peddle this line are the Nationalists. No-one from Better Together thinks that Scotland couldn’t go it alone – we think that it is better for our economy, our jobs and our future if we stay together with the rest of the UK."

Robertson's comment come after the chancellor, George Osborne, said it would be difficult for an independent Scotland to retain the pound as its currency.

Speaking on Tuesday morning, Osborne told the BBC's Today Programme: "It's unlikely we can make it work."

The Scottish Government has already set out plans to retain the pound if the country becomes independent, creating a "sterling zone" with the rest of the UK.

You can listen to the podcast in full below, with Robertson's comments on the 'No' campaign starting close to 9:30 minutes in:


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