Angus Robertson

Ian Blackford said he didn't want the top job but was 'strongly encouraged' by others.
The SNP’s new Westminster leader has admitted “a degree of nervousness” about his first PMQs at the helm today. Ian Blackford
Ian Blackford will now take on Theresa May at PMQs.
The SNP's Westminster leader skewered the PM over her pension plans
Theresa May today twice refused to confirm whether the Tories would keep the “triple lock” on pensions if her party won the
Today the SNP is publishing 100 Brexit questions 100 days on - it is by no means an exhaustive list, but is shows the sheer scale of uncertainty facing Scotland and the rest of the UK. The Prime Minister is today set to address the Tory conference on Brexit - she needs to take the opportunity to start delivering at least some of the answers. Theresa May's Brexit ministers are more interested in post-Empire fantasies about commissioning new Royal yachts than doing the hard work required - and this casual approach is putting jobs, investment and economic prosperity at risk.
There was nothing of substance in the Queen's Speech for Scotland, no ambitious plans to boost the economy, no big ideas to improve public services, and no major strategy to tackle the deprivation and inequality that have grown so much worse under this government.
The Scottish National Party wants to exploit Labour's division over the Trident nuclear missile by calling a House of Commons
The five things you need to know on Wednesday September 9, 2015... 1) DRONE ALONE The killings of the three Brit ISIL terrorists
Before the independence referendum last year, promises were made for substantial new powers to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament, but these are not being delivered by David Cameron's government - so a key task for the SNP in the months ahead will be to hold him to account and ensure that Scotland is given the job-creating powers it badly needs.