'Which Religion Cares Most About The Homeless?': Man Divides Begging Bowls By Faith (PICTURE)

This homeless man may well have the most ingenius ploy of collecting small change we've ever seen.

Holding a sign which asks "Which religion cares the most about the homeless?", he presides over nine receptacles, each assigned to a different faith.

The image was posted to Reddit by user Ventachinkway, who explained: "When I passed him he proudly announced 'The atheists are winning!'".

Ingenius: A homeless man divides his begging bowls by faith

In the comments that follow, arguments as to the percentage of Christians in the US population and whether he'd deliberately siphoned the majority of his change into the atheist bowl to make a point, abound.

Regardless of all the nitpicking, we have to admit we found it to be a pretty impressive strategy.

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