01/05/2013 15:33 BST | Updated 01/04/2015 14:59 BST

Plus-Size Model Casting Shows Rising Body Confidence In Women, Says Fashion Editor

Thousands of women have entered the competition
Thousands of women have entered the competition

Thousands of women are entering a competition to find the UK's next plus-size models, showing that big(ger) is indeed beautiful.

Almost 3,000 women have responded to a social media campaign, run by model agency Models1 in partnership with the UK's only plus-size fashion magazine SLiNK, to find Britain's next curvy face.

According to SLiNK's editor Rivkie Baum, the volume of entries (which far exceeds the straight-size version of the competition) show that women are rejecting the one-size-fits-all attitude to the female body.

"Women of every size are getting more confident," she tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle. "They want to flaunt their curves rather than strive for a single body shape."

Entrants are asked to upload a 'selfie' (n. photograph an individual takes of themselves) to Instagram using the hashtag #MakeMeaModels1Curvy.

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Rivkie explained that the decision to use social media was deliberate.

"It can be really intimidating to go into an agency," she told HuffPost UK Lifestyle. "This comp allowed women to take their shots in their own time and environment, and be comfortable."


Although the majority of work in the fashion industry is reserved for 'straight-size' models, Rivkie is confident that plus-size models can still enjoy successful careers.

"I think it is a harder market for plus-size women as there are less opportunities both editorially and commercially," she said. "But times are changing and curvy models are booking bigger and better campaigns all the time. Take Robyn Lawley, she has worked with Ralph Lauren, French Elle and Italian Vogue."

She adds: "I believe that this is just the start!"

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