Barack Obama To Host David Cameron At White House On Monday For Syria Talks

Obama To Host Cameron At White House
David Cameron and Barack Obama in 2012
David Cameron and Barack Obama in 2012

Barack Obama will host David Cameron at the White House on Monday; with Syria, terrorism and the global economy set to top the agenda.

The meeting was confirmed by president Obama's press secretary Jay Carney on Thursday evening, who said it would "highlight the fundamental importance of the US-UK relationship".

"The president looks forward to discussing these issues with the prime minister, to include Syria, trade and economic cooperation, countering terrorism, and priorities for the upcoming G-8 Summit in Northern Ireland," he said.

"The prime minister’s visit underscores the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom that has been crucial in advancing our shared security and prosperity, and the tremendous strategic importance we place on broadening and strengthening our collaboration on global challenges."

He added: "The president looks forward to visiting Northern Ireland in June, where prime minister Cameron will host the G-8 Summit.

The summit comes amid mounting concern in London and Washington over the situation in Syria. On Thursday Cameron told the House of Commons that there was "growing body of limited but persuasive information" showing that president Bashar Assad's regime had used chemical weapons against the Opposition.

"The room for doubt about this continues to diminish. We will continue to take action on every front, working with our allies, backing the Opposition, pushing for a political solution," he told MPs.

The prime minister is due to fly to Russia on Friday to hold talks on Syria with President Vladimir Putin. The outcome of those talks will now be conveyed in person by Cameron to Obama when they meet on Monday.

The visit will be the first time Cameron has travelled to the United States since Obama's re-election in November 2012.

The prime minister travelled to the United States in March last year as Obama prepared to take on Mitt Romney in the presidential race. Cameron was taken to a basketball game in the crucial swing-state of Ohio as well as enjoying a warm and jokey joint press conference and formal dinner at the White House.

The praise showered on Obama by Cameron during the visit rankled some conservatives both in the UK and the US, with the Romney campaign being forced to deny it was upset at the Obama-Cameron "love in".

As well as holding talks on a series of global security and economic issues, Cameron is likely to be quizzed by the president over his planned in or out referendum on EU membership.

The Obama administration has repeatedly warned Downing Street not to "turn inwards" with a referendum and that Washington wants to see the UK remain part of the EU.


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