08/05/2013 08:14 BST | Updated 08/05/2013 11:23 BST

Queen's Speech On Immigration: Recycled Rhetoric And Migrant Myths

The Queen's Speech vowed to curb immigration

Measures to control immigration and "ensure this country attracts people who contribute and deter those who don't" have been laid out in the Queen's Speech, with migrants' rights to healthcare and social housing curbed in the Immigration Bill.

Hailed by David Cameron as proposals for "people who work hard and want to get on" the government has also proposed to crackdown on those who profit from illegal immigrants, including landlords and employers.

But it seems this right-leaning rhetoric is not as clear cut as first appears and pandering to the public's perception of immigration is dangerous.

As the Bishop of Dudley, David Walker, told the Observer in March: "Public fears around immigration are like fears around crime. They bear little relationship to the actual reality."

Relying on myths about migrants and recycling old policy, the Coalition's anti-immigration posturing in the Queen's Speech is not all it seems either.

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