'You can never know who is under there. Could be terrorists with weapons'
A Norwegian anti-immigration group is being roundly mocked after some members apparently mistook empty bus seats for burkha
Politicians cannot ignore their voters to this extent and cannot embrace advantages of this. It is the mass unemployment issue that will cause most concern to politician's short-lived careers. Donald Trump cannot promise the Rustbelt States that voted for him that he would bring back jobs from foreign countries and replace these unskilled workers' jobs with machines.
The first stanza of WB Yeats' classic poem 'The Second Coming' is the most apt description of the unfolding crisis that has engulfed Britain in the wake of the EU referendum; inarguably the worst political crisis the country has experienced in over a generation.
Research carried out by Pew Research Center has discovered what the global community fears the most - climate change. Overall
The mug, the message it embraces, reeks of cynicism and opportunism, reminding us that Labour still has a distance to travel before its base can feel entirely comfortable in returning to the fold after years spent in a Blairite wilderness.
How can we understand the local-national perception gap that allows individuals to override their own everyday knowledge and experience?
A modern economy needs a constant flow of new labour -- both skilled and unskilled -- and immigration is the only way to get it. Germany, UK and America have built their economies on this and I met a lady from Silicone Valley, the centre of America's IT industry who said her industry's message to the US Government is simple: "give us more Indians."
With just over a week to go to the European Elections, immigration continues to be the political hot potato lobbed by the