Deer Crashes Through Windscreen Of Pennsylvania CamTran Bus (VIDEO)

AMAZING Moment Deer Crashes Through Bus Windscreen - And Survives (VIDEO)

This is the shocking moment a young deer crashes through the windscreen of a bus, and the panicked beast miraculously survives.

Authorities from CamTran, Pennsylvania, released the astonishing CCTV footage of the terrified creature, scrabbling around the empty seats.

It attempts to claw its way through other windows of the bus, as one horrified female passenger scrambles to capture the bizarre scene on her mobile phone.

The moment the deer crashes through the windscreen on the bus in Pennsylvania

Stopping the bus, to let the animal out, the bus driver reported that the deer scampered off into the woods.

Authorities say they have no information the extent of the deer's injuries, but no-one on the bus was harmed.


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