The former president ranted about taking names of historical figures off schools as he warned about Democrats winning in November.
The Democratic senator said people should "respect Trump’s strength" in Pennsylvania, citing his continued popularity in the battleground state.
The court without comment refused to call into question the the certification process in battleground state.
A federal judge described the president's legal claim as a "Frankenstein's Monster".
Proud Boys, white nationalists, QAnon believers, armed militias and other Trump fans gathered in Pennsylvania, the state that made Joe Biden the president-elect.
These 2020 battleground states are still counting votes. Here are the rules for recounts if Trump and Biden go down to the wire.
The Democrat presidential candidate makes confident address as he leads in the key battleground states.
Delays aren’t unusual but the ways people have voted this year mean we’ve been left waiting for a result.
Joe Biden has overtaken Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. If he wins there, he wins the presidency.