Google 'Conversational Search' Now Live In Chrome

'Google, How Do I Update You?'

You can now talk to Google.

An upgrade to Google Chrome was announced last week which would allow you to carry on a conversation (albeit a fairly one-sided and demanding one) with your desktop search box.

Unveiling the idea at its annual I/O press conference, the search giant demoed how you would soon be able to ask a question with your voice - say, "who is David Cameron?" and then go on to ask "how tall is he?" without repeating the subject. A whole string of these 'natural' search terms can be used in a row without having to repeat yourself.

And now it's live.

In a new update to Google's Chrome browser (version 27) the new conversational tool has been finally switched on for desktop users.

To get it you just have to restart Chrome - it should handle the upgrade automatically.

Then head to, click the microphone in the search box and start chatting away.

Unfortunately the service seems a bit spotty at the moment - launch jitters, we gather. But as long as you work alone (or can take the mockery of your co-workers or family) then it should prove a welcome new way to check how tall the members of the Coalition cabinet really are.


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