3D-Printed Bullets Apparently Fired From Shotgun Would Be World's First

It was surely inevitable but the speed at which someone has posted a video online appearing to show the world's first 3D printed bullet is still alarming.

There are a couple of caveats. The projectile needs lead shot to be added to give it weight and it still requires a standard shotgun charge and shell case to fire.

Despite this, the damage caused to the target in the video is clear.

The bullet with the lead shot visible

Additionally, a working 3D printed gun, the 'Liberator' is less than three weeks old but the cheap and the freely available and technology is developing rapidly.

A newer version called the 'Lulz Liberator' was reported earlier this week that can fire up to eight rounds and costs just £16.50 to print.

The blueprints for the original 'Liberator' were made available online and have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times despite US legislators calling for them to be taken offline and for weapons to be banned.