Best, Funniest Bunking Off School Stories

After yesterday's concerning news three siblings got through 12 years of school without EVER pulling a sickie, we thought we'd show them just what they'd been missing out on.

Spending hours practising your parents' signature, perfecting your mother's/father's/nanny's voice to fool the school secretary down the phone - they're skills which take years to master. But nothing quite beats that fear when you think you've been nicked, or the euphoric relief when you realise "AHA!" I've tricked them all.

From skiving school to stay at home, or bunking to meet the boyf, most of us have been there, done it, got the funny story.

Understandably, some of you wished to remain anonymously as, quite frankly, your bunking off activities and outrageous excuses were shocking - and some were just downright lame.

If you think you've got a better story, you really should tweet it to us @HPUKStudents. Or, if 140-whatever-it-is characters won't do it justice, inbox us on Facebook (or of course, just do it the old fashioned way and leave a comment).

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