05/06/2013 17:55 BST | Updated 06/06/2013 06:12 BST

Struggling Performer Asks eBay To Help Him Pay Birmingham Parking Ticket

A struggling performance artisit has found a unconventional way to pay a parking fine, by getting generous souls to bid for his ticket on eBay.

And the parking fine of £60 (plus £5 to pay by card) has already attracted 14 bids totalling a-not-unimpressive-all-things-considered £12.50 on Wednesday night.

Kind-hearted bidders seeking to help David Caspian pay his fine are bidding to purchase his parking ticket, which he describes as in "Used" condition, and he will use the money to pay his fine.

David, who describes himself as a "performer" from Birmingham and goes by the name "Mental Dave" on Facebook, explains his self-admittedly "odd" listing, saying he "forgot to pay and display for about five minutes, remembered and frantically ran back to get a ticket.

The parking ticket which eBayers could 'win'

"After purchasing it I went to my old clapped out van and whilst displaying it, found I had already been ticketed. I don't dispute either the ticket or my fault but am in a bad financial state and was only stopping at the custard factory in Birmingham to collect half a meter of cloth! It destroyed our day and is still worrying me as I'm not sure where to get the funds for this from."

The cheeky eBayer pleads for "one person who has done well in life and can relate to this very small horror story who would like to buy it from me and smile for several days knowing they did a great thing. At the same time it would help me (a stranger to you) out enormously.

"The world is full of darkness and people who are quick to take advantage and whilst this plight is my own fault, it would be a wonderful thing to know that someone out there cared enough about a total stranger to buy this ticket from me."

He explains he will use the winning bid to pay the fine, and send the ticket and a certificate of thanks to the winning bidder. Any excess money will be donated to charity.

"Essentially you are buying a slap in the face to the system which must never be questioned and purchasing yourself a big smile for the future whenever you feel down," he said.

Caspian told HuffPostUK: "I was so upset to get the ticket but wanted to try and spin something positive out of it. There are a few jokers bidding thousand but I am trying to get them removed as they have no history on eBay. Legitimate bids were up to £30 before the silly ones started.

"Any additional funds are being given to the family I mentioned, the Wittons of Luton. Kirsty suffers form a rare condition giving her regrowing tumours and cysts in her brain and is now completely blind. I have long wanted to be in a position to help her and her family and hope that this enables that to happen as well as getting my ticket paid."