Alex Jones Rants About Bilderberg Group And Conspiracy Theories On The BBC's Sunday Politics Programme (VIDEO)

WATCH: Shock Jock Alex Jones Takes Over BBC Politics Show

When the BBC invited American shock jock Alex Jones onto its flagship Sunday Politics programme to talk conspiracy theories, they must have known what to expect.

Jones launched into a rant about the US government 'disappearing' people when he was invited to discuss the secretive Bilderberg Group, which is meeting in Watford.

"Hey, listen, I'm here to warn people. You keep telling me to shut up, this isn't a game," he yelled.

The radio host came to this country's attention when he exploded during a clash with Piers Morgan on gun control.

As he refused to stop shouting, Sunday Politics presenter Andrew Neil said he was "the worst person I have ever interviewed", and said: "We have an idiot on the programme".


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