Gaza Children Play 'Kidnap The Soldier' At Military Summer Camp (PICTURES)

PHOTOS: How Do Children In Gaza Spend Their Summer Breaks?

For most kids at summer camp, playing 'capture the flag' is about as serious as the games get. But for these Palestinian children, summer camp is spent playing 'capture the Israeli solider'.

Children aged between six and sixteen do life-like military training exercises, fire guns and jump over burning tyres, according to AFP, who published the photos on Wednesday.

The camp is organised by the Islamic Jihad movement during the youngsters' summer school vacation in Rafah town, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Palestinian youth take part in a military-style summer camp being held by the Islamic Jihad movement

Thousands of youngsters can participate in the summer camp where they receive military as well as religious training.

One of the photos of the camp shows young children dragging a Khaki-clad doll away from an Israeli flag, in what appears to be a chilling re-enactment of the Gilad Shalit kidnapping.

Thousands of youngsters between the age of six and 16, can participate in the summer camp

The young Israeli soldier was kidnapped and held for five years by Hamas, before being released in 2011.

The territory is subject to a blockade by Israel, leaving many dependent on food aid.


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