The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is calling on the police and the FBI to investigate it as a hate crime.
Demonstrators were arrested after jumping barricades and gluing themselves to New York's 6th Avenue.
A human rights group said the death toll was essential for "history" – and for "accountability".
Ros Atkins broke down the clip which the IDF claim shows guns and equipment in al-Shifa Hospital.
Reporters said they had to get Israeli approval to record some parts of the operation.
The proposal was meant to resolve tensions between Palestinians and Israelis – but it never took off.
The government has tried to discourage the protest from going ahead on November 11.
Downing Street has spoken out against the pro-Palestinian demonstration planned for this weekend.
Former US president said the "whole truth" must be understood before the long-term conflict can be resolved.
Rishi Sunak has spoken out against further demonstrations ahead of Remembrance Sunday.