"I'm so scared. Please come," the young girl said while under fire.
“It is incredibly ironic and frustrating how the US government detained him for two years and then funded and armed his killing,” Motaz Alhelou’s former lawyer said.
The comments by Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich are the latest example of Israeli officials saying the quiet part out loud amid attacks on Gaza.
A temporary truce – now expired – means people from both sides have spoken to the media.
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is calling on the police and the FBI to investigate it as a hate crime.
Demonstrators were arrested after jumping barricades and gluing themselves to New York's 6th Avenue.
A human rights group said the death toll was essential for "history" – and for "accountability".
Ros Atkins broke down the clip which the IDF claim shows guns and equipment in al-Shifa Hospital.
Reporters said they had to get Israeli approval to record some parts of the operation.
The proposal was meant to resolve tensions between Palestinians and Israelis – but it never took off.