Tzipi Hotovely referred back to the Gestapo and World War 2 in her response.
The Israel-Hamas war continues to divide communities around the world.
Tel Aviv claimed its conflict against the extremist group in Gaza is also “the war of the free world.”.
Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, was pictured shaking hands with her captors on her way out.
Israel has escalated its bombardment of targets in the Gaza Strip ahead of an expected ground invasion against Hamas militants.
The capital was full of demonstrations over the weekend.
The former president oh-so-modestly assessed the possibility of such an incident on his watch.
Every company that makes money from the occupation is contributing to the entrenchment of ‘a discriminatory regime’
Is it possible both to respect the shared identity which the vast majority of Jews feel with Israel while also recognising the shared experience of dispossession which Palestinians feel just as deeply?