Ukip Councillor Peter Georgiou Resigns For Shoplifting At Poundstretcher

A light-fingered Ukip councillor has resigned citing the "embarrassment" for his family after it was revealed he shop-lifted from Poundstretcher.

Peter Georgiou, who was recently elected to Norfolk County Council, was banned from the Thetford branch of the thrifty high-street store after the incident last year.

Police decided to deal with the incident through "community resolution" and was allowed to pay for the goods so the incident went no further, reports the Bury Free Press.

The value of the items is not known but is unlikely to have been very high

Georgiou blamed the medication he was taking at the time as well a "a very serious and stressful" incident his wider family were going through.

He said: "I really thought I did have a thick skin, but it wasn't worth the embarrassment for my family," reports the BBC.

Two weeks ago the shoplifting incident became public and speculation as to the viability of his political future increased.

"It really has been my own choice and my family's choice."

Georgiou hopes to be able to still help the Thetford community.

"I tried to go out there and do some good for somebody," he said.