Weekly Wellbeing: Best Healthy Foods To Reduce Stress (PICTURES)

Weekly Wellbeing: 7 Healthy Foods To Help Reduce Stress
Citrus fruits are good for stress busters
Citrus fruits are good for stress busters

In times of stress HuffPost UK Lifestyle tend to reach for the chocolate biscuits, their sweet goodness is enough to make any worry melt away.

But then, of course, comes the aftermath and we're struck with an overwhelming sense of post-binge guilt.

Oh why can't chocolate be low-fat, low-sugar and low in calories? :-(

We've been on the hunt for stress-busting food that's good for our health.

Luckily HuffPost Healthy Living have pulled together seven foods that will not only help beat stress, but will keep you healthy.

From green tea to oranges, these seven foods are just what you need to boost your mood.


Foods That Fight Stress

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