How To De-Stress In Your Lunch Break (PICTURES)

How To De-Stress In Your Lunch Break

When was the last time you took a proper lunch break? And by that we mean a full hour, without checking your phone? If you're looking guiltily at your screen, you aren't alone. The average UK worker takes a lunch break of about 29 minutes and 60% of us don't even have a lunch break at all.

The fact is that yes, there are days when you have to work through lunch, but be careful it doesn't turn into a regular occurrence. The majority of us work through lunch in the hope that we can leave on time, and the reality is that you'll end up working through lunch and not leaving on time. All of which adds to accumulative stress building up over the day.

We've got 10 easy ways to de-stress during your lunch break. It's time to reclaim that hour back!

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