'Man Wrap' Is The Solution To The 'Complicated' Issue Of Gift Wrapping

Are Men So Incompetent They Require This?

Men of the world rejoice - for Christmas will no longer be a time of paper cuts, ugly gifts and Sellotape on your face!

A wrapping-challenged gent, Martin Grix, has invented fool-proof paper that is so simple even a... well man, could use it.

Simply stretch a little of the roller out, place the present in the middle then wrap it round.

The idea is simple but is also a damning indictment on the general capability men.

There are limitations. It only has a width of eight inches meaning it can't be used on bigger presents. Plus we can't actually figure out where to buy it - Firebox used to carry Man Wrap, but now says it's out of stock.

But then you could just use a bin bag instead you massive useless oaf...

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