Tory MPs Target David Cameron And Ukip With 40 'True-Blue' Bills


Conservative MPs will present 40 "true-blue" Bills to the Commons on Monday, in response to what they see as David Cameron's "inconsistent" liberal coalition agenda.

Wellingborough MP Peter Bone, one of the masterminds behind the backbench 'Alternative Queen's Speech', said the pieces of legislation that include reinstating the death penalty and banning the burka were about Conservative policy being based "not on the centre ground, but the common ground of British politics".

Writing on The Huffington Post UK today, Bone said by presenting these Bills to parliament, the MPs hoped to start the debate on a number of issues that the coalition government was "running away from".

"The centre-ground is some mythical area where policies are compromised, devalued and muddled with a view to offending no one. In reality they are a mish-mash of inconsistent ideas that satisfy no one." he said.

He added: "This is why so many voters from the right-of-centre have moved over to voting for Ukip."

Bone and his fellow backbenchers, Christopher Chope, Philip Hollobone and David Nuttall, secured the right to introduce the private members bills after camping out in the parliamentary vote office for four days.

The right-wing wish list also includes a bills that would take Britain out of the European Union, privatise the BBC, hold a referendum on gay marriage and rename the August bank holiday after Margaret Thatcher.

The four MPs, nicknamed the 'Tory Taliban', are frequent and harsh critics of the coalition and are unhappy with the direction Cameron has taken the Conservative Party.

However speaking yesterday Bone insisted the measures, which have no chance of becoming law, were designed to help the prime minister as they illustrated what a Conservative majority government might be able to do.

Cameron is unlikely to thank the MPs for their efforts, as the alternative legislative programme is deeply at odds with his attempts to modernise the party.

And Bone's Prime Minister (Replacement) Bill, which would set out who takes power if Cameron were to be killed, is unlikely to have gone down well in Downing Street.

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