02/07/2013 10:38 BST | Updated 02/07/2013 13:59 BST

Edward Snowden Is Odds-On To End Up In The US Or Stay In Russia, Bookies Say

Luckily for Edward Snowden, the fugitive ex-CIA analyst whose snooping leaks have rocked the United States, there are no British bookies at Moscow Airport.

Because William Hill thinks the 30-year-old will end up in the last place he wants to be - the United States, where he is facing spying charges after disclosing details of the controversial Prism spying programme.

Hill's has the United States as the 2/1 favourite for where he will end up, with Venezuela, at 5/2, seen as his best shot at avoiding US justice.

Meanwhile, Labrokes thinks he is most likely to stay put at the airport for the entire year.

Snowden has applied for asylum in 21 countries, but on Tuesday withdrew his request to live in Russia.

Labrokes has assessed the likelihood of Snowden being granted asylum in each one - and thinks Ecuador is his best bet, at 7/2.

Iceland, an early front-runner, is second favourite at 4/1, but he the 3/1 favourite is that he will stay in the transit area at Sheremetyevo until the end of the year.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: "Despite Snowden having a shot at several countries the odds actually favour him staying put all year.

"As and when he leaves the transit zone, we're betting he heads to Latin America or Scandinavia."