Edward Snowden's Asylum Bids: Who Has Rejected, And Who Is Considering?

This Is What We Know So Far About Snowden's 21 Asylum Bids

Edward Snowden has applied for asylum in 21 countries, but most of Europe has swiftly rejected his plea.

Russia says that Snowden's request for asylum there have been withdrawn, after it placed pre-conditions on his residence,chiefly, stop leaking US secrets.

No-one has given the whistleblower a definite yes.

Requests for asylum were handed to an official at the Russian consulate at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow on Sunday by WikiLeaks legal adviser Sarah Harrison. It is very unusual to seek asylum outside the territory you are currently in.

Here's what we know so far about Snowden's bids for asylum.


Snowden's 21 Asylum Bids


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