02/07/2013 06:27 BST

'In Saturn's Rings' Move Made Of Nasa Cassini Images Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)

There is something magical about the rings of Saturn that set the giant planet apart from the rest of it's neighbours in the solar system.

And in 2014 you're going to get the most incredible view yet.

'In Saturn's Rings' is the result of some painstakingly hard graft by filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren who has spent a number of years piecing together over a million images of Saturn into a seamless high-definition film.

Most of the images were taken by Nasa's Cassini spacecraft which has spent nine years orbiting the planet.

And this is what makes the film so astounding. There are no CGI or special effects, what you see is exactly what it would be like to see Saturn and its rings up close.

'In Saturn's Rings' will be released in IMAX theaters, planetariums, and museums spring, 2014 and will be available to watch in jaw-dropping 4K resolution, which you can watch the new trailer in here.