08/07/2013 13:24 BST | Updated 08/07/2013 13:44 BST

Incredible Photo Of Storm Clouds Over Atlantic Taken By Crew Of International Space Station (PICTURE)

On 4 July members of Expedition 36 looked out of the International Space Station and saw this epically beautiful sight.

Fortunately for those of us confined to Earth they were kind enough to take a picture using a 50mm lens.


If you have a better view from your place of work please let us know...

It shows a large mass of storm clouds gathered over the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Brazil and level with the equator.

The spaceship in the foreground is a Russian craft docked to the orbiting outpost.

The six members of Expedition 36 will stay aboard the ISS until September having replaced the previouse crew which included Commander Chris Hadfield.

He is now somewhat of an international celebrity after tweeting and singing his way to social media stardom.

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