Stingrays On Mexican Beach: Mystery As Hundreds Wash Up On Chachalacas (PICTURES)

Disgruntled fisherman are being blamed for hundreds of stingrays found dead on a beach in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz on Tuesday.

More than 250 littered Chachalacas beach and the state's Environment Minister, Victor Alvarado Martinez, has asked for federal help investigating the cause, reports the BBC.

Local witnesses however, say they saw fisherman dumping the carcasses after they weren't offered enough money for them.

Chopped stingray wings are common snack in Veracruz restaurants

In a similar event earlier this year hundreds of thousands of dead prawns washed up on a beach in Chile.

Cases of individual beastly creatures washing up mystify horrified locals on a regular basis.

Dead Stingrays