Royal Baby Will 'Suck The Blood' Of The State, Russia Politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky Says

The Royal Baby will "suck the blood" of Russians, a firebrand local politician has said, in reaction to the birth of the new prince.

“I don’t care about the heir,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who leads Russia's nationalist Liberal Democrat Party, told journalists.

“That British monarchy... destroyed our state. Today our opposition activists are there, so that’s why there’s no joy,” he told Ria Novosti.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky speaks during his press conference in Moscow

Accusing Britain of being an "sworn enemy" of Russia, Zhirinovsky said “that is why the birth of another British monarch, who will suck our blood somewhere in the mid-21st century, cannot bring us any kind of happiness.”

Zhirinovsky said that he too was waiting for a grandchild to be born - which he was far more concerned about.

The British and Russian royal families had a close familial connection at points throughout history. King George V, an ancestor of the new baby, and Russia's Tsar Nicholas II were first cousins.

Zhirinovsky is known for his brash style in interviews and his agressive anti-Western rhetoric. he has called for the expulsion of all Chinese and Japanese people to be deported from Russia, has said female leaders are too "impressionable" and promised free vodka for every citizen who voted for him.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated the Queen, on the birth of her great-grandson, the Kremlin press office said.

Putin has wished good health to the newborn, Duchess of Cambridge and all the members of the royal family.

William and Kate announce their new son