Volvo Pure Tension Pavilion Solar Powered Battery Charger Is Epic (PICTURES)

LOOK: This Is The Best Battery Charger. Ever.

It's not often a battery charger gets us excited but then battery chargers don't normally look like this.

The Pure Tension Pavilion is solar powered, collapsible, and fits in the trunk of your car - and it's beautiful.

Volvo launched a design competition for a pavilion to showcase the company's new V60 plug-in hybrid with Los Angeles based Synthesis Design + Architecture submitting this.

It's a bit of a break from Volvo's usual image

A carbon-fibre tube provides supports a "tensioned HDPE Mesh skin with embedded photovoltaic panels".

Its designers claim it will charge a car's battery in 12 hours.

Although still at the concept stage, a version will debut at a motor show in Rome, reports Wired.


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