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Runshaw College Students Stripped Of Biology A-Levels As Teachers Helped Them Too Much

Runshaw College Students Stripped Of Biology A-Levels As Teachers Helped Them Too Much

Hundreds of students will be stripped of their A-levels because they were given an unfair advantage by teachers, it has emerged.

Biology pupils at Runshaw College, Lancashire, were told they could only have their predicted AS and A-level grades, rather than the results of the exam they sat. The AQA examination board ruled 650 students had an unfair advantage over other pupils across the UK about what to expect in the summer exams.

Teachers at the school conducted practice experiments and held group discussions prior to the exams, meaning students knew what lay in store, the Lancashire Evening Post reported.

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Students at Runshaw College in Lancashire have been stripped of their A-levels

Runshaw, which describes itself as Lancashire's "top performing college" described the incident as a "misinterpretation".

A college spokesperson said: “This is an isolated incident that is the first of its kind ever for any subject at the college.

“It has occurred as a result of a misinterpretation of the rules by the Biology A-Level team for the 2013 practical examinations.

“The college has an exemplary track record in relation to the proper conduct of public examinations; to ensure fair implementation of all examinations, we very regularly take measures beyond those that are required by the exam boards.

“The exam board has assured us that overall AS and A2 student grades in biology will not be adversely affected.

“We will, of course, be taking immediate steps to ensure that a misinterpretation of this nature cannot happen again at the college in the future.”

The college has received numerous tweets from students asking for clarification about the issue, with one complaining:

The college replied saying "only" its A-level office is closed.

A spokesman from the AQA said: “We don’t publish or discuss the findings of cases like this.

“But whenever we find evidence of wrongdoing we always take appropriate action.”

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