Warning comes amid claim that English GCSE students may finish course without studying a single Black author.
Exclusive: The book, published in 2015, has not been endorsed by AQA but is tailored to the exam board's syllabus.
This comes months after the same publisher was slammed for publishing offensive statements in a GCSE sociology guide.
A parent described the exercise as "racist and inappropriate".
'We are taking the comments we have received on our AQA GCSE Sociology textbook very seriously.'
Some teens were already thinking about results day:  The English test is not the first time GCSE students have swarmed en
'Think I accidentally took the historical meme exam instead of biology.'
Thousands of GCSE students were left baffled yesterday afternoon over a “stupid” question about Charles Darwin on the AQA
The new course will not just focus on 'the work of dead white men', say teachers.