Jasleen, Baby Weighing 13.47lbs Is Germany's Largest... & It Was A Natural Birth (PICTURES)

Royal baby Prince George may have been described as “a big boy and quite heavy” by his parents, but he’s a tiddler compared to a 13.47lbs baby girl born in Germany in the same week.

Jasleen is officially Germany’s heaviest newborn and is currently being cared for at the neonatal ward of the University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany.

Astonishingly, the not-so-little girl was delivered vaginally and mother and daughter are well, Der Spiegel reports.

Baby Jasleen was born in Leipzig, Germany, last week

The paper adds the mother, who was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, only arrived at the hospital on the day she gave birth (26 July).

Jasleen easily steals the crown from Germany’s previous heaviest baby Jihad Yagi, who weighed 13lbs when he was born in November 2011.

Chun Chun came into the world via caesarean section, with his proud father claiming to feel “very happy” at the birth of such “big, fat son.”

The heaviest birth listed by Guinness World Records belongs to a baby boy born in 1879 in Ohio, who weighed 23 pounds 12 ounces at birth and whose mother was said to be a "giantess." Unfortunately, the baby died 11 hours after birth.

Like their adult counterparts, a heavier baby can often signal health problems.

When a baby is born weighing more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces, the condition is known as “fetal macrosomia” and can be attributed to maternal obesity and diabetes, among other factors.