Nick Griffin Writes Vile Twitter Slur Against Stephen And Doreen Lawrence

Nick Griffin Writes Vile Stephen Lawrence Tweet
Nick Griffin Stephen Lawrence
Nick Griffin Stephen Lawrence

BNP leader Nick Griffin has plumbed new depths in questioning the appointment of Doreen Lawrence to the House of Lords.

The MEP referred to the anti-racism campaigner as the "mother of St Stephen", in a reference to the black teenager who was murdered in South London in 1993.

And he branded Labour, her chosen party, "racist".

Previously, Griffin has reportedly questioned whether Lawrence was murdered by racists, as part of his crusade against so-called 'anti-indigenous racism'.

The BNP leader faces a fight to hang onto his North West seat in next year's European elections, after his party was virtually wiped out in recent local elections.

Doreen Lawrence will be made a baroness in a list of peerages expected to be published on Thursday, sitting on the Labour benches as a working peer.

She has campaigned tirelessly for justice for her 18-year-old son, who was stabbed to death after being set upon by a gang of white youths while waiting at a bus stop, and founded the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to support young people from ethnic minority backgrounds to pursue their ambitions, and has been chosen to sit on Home Office and police panels.


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