7 Things The Sun Says Make Britain Great (But Which It Happily Slags Off)


The Sun's Great Britain cover wrap, which has caused much inspiration amusement, doesn't seem to hold up to much scrutiny.

A simple Google search reveals an uncomfortable relationship with some of the iconic images it chose to plaster all over its front (and back) page.

So here's 7 examples of things The Sun says make Britain great, but which it happily slags off.

1. The Dome isn't great, it's a waste of money

Scroll down to the bottom of the page on this link for exhibit A. Probably best to scrub that from the front then, chaps.

Dome, you are a waste of money, according to The Sun

2. Wembley isn't great, folks, it's a waste of money

Sorry all. It seems the national stadium doesn't have the X Factor appeal to make Britain the greatest nation on earth. This link proves it.

3. Red Arrows

Crikey! Even the Red Arrows are called into question.

"The RAF is blowing £6million on a runway for the Red Arrows — as 5,300 troops are axed," this exclusive reveals.

Not so great: The Red Arrows

4. Motorways

Surprisingly, motorways, it seems, make Britain great. Apart from the really expensive ones which are starting to sink, as the Sun exposes here.

5. Train travel isn't great, it's too expensive

Nothing escapes The Sun Travel which argues: "Letting the train take the strain could mean PAIN – our exclusive report reveals it is often the most expensive way to travel."

6. easyJet

It's bad at answering the phone, according to the Current Bun. The news of that is here.

7. Wind farms

In a final devastating blow, Trevor Kavanagh lashes out at wind farms in his piece headlined: Why it’s right to call time on this green con trick. Ouch.