Godfrey Bloom: 'Bongo Bongo Land' Should Not Get Aid, Ukip Launch Investigation Into MEP's Rant

'I Don't Do Political Correctness'
Godfrey Bloom: 'Bongo Bongo Land'
Godfrey Bloom: 'Bongo Bongo Land'

A Ukip MEP recorded saying British aid cash should not go to "bongo bongo land" says he does "not do political correctness".

Godfrey Bloom was unrepentant after being filmed at a meeting of supporters in the West Midlands.

But Ukip seems to be taking it seriously, with a spokesman saying his comments were being "discussed right at the very highest level of the party".

In the video, obtained by The Guardian, Bloom said countries getting aid spent the cash on "Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it".

It also shows Mr Bloom railing against the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for ruling that full life sentences could not be handed down.

In the footage of his July speech at the meeting in Wordsley, near Stourbridge, Bloom says: "How we can possibly be giving a billion pounds a month when we're in this sort of debt to bongo bongo land is completely beyond me.

"To buy Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it that goes with most of the foreign aid. F18s for Pakistan. We need a new squadron of F18s.

"Who's got the squadrons? Pakistan, where we send the money."

Later in the speech, he says in reference to the ECHR ruling: "You can torture people to death but you jolly well can't give them a full life sentence because that's against their human rights.

"We can't hang them because we're now a member of the European Union and it's embedded in the treaty of Rome.

"It's a personal thing, but I'd hang the bastards myself.

"Especially for some of these, especially for the guy who hacked the soldier to death. I do hope they would ask me to throw the rope over the beam because I'd be delighted to do so."

Bloom told the newspaper that his comments were not racist.

He said: "What's wrong with that? I'm not a wishy-washy Tory. I don't do political correctness. The fact that the Guardian is reporting this will probably double my vote in the north of England."

Asked what he would do if Ukip said "mind your language", Mr Bloom told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I'd say 'Righto, sorry, sorry everybody'. If I've offended anybody in bongo bongo land I shall write to the ambassador at the Court of St James's and apologise to him personally.

"Look, my job is to upset The Guardian and the BBC - I love it, I love it."

Earlier Mr Bloom told the BBC that charity begins at home and he believed he was standing up for "ordinary people" who are unrepresented in the current political system.

He said: "What I am suggesting is when a country has £1 trillion of debt and we're cutting our hospitals, our police force and we are destroying our defence services, that the money should stay at home and people who want to give money to worthwhile charities... what I would argue is that is for the individual citizen, it's not for the likes of David Cameron to pick our pockets and send money to charities of his choice.

"If I want to send money to charity, I will do it of my own accord, thank you."

He added: "There are people in this country who can't get treatment for cancer. There are people who are waiting in a queue for dialysis machines. All I'm saying is, and I think you'll find most of your listeners will agree with me rather than the Guardian, that money should stay at home. Charity begins at home."

When questioned if he believed some people might be offended by his comments as UK aid money helps people who are dying, Mr Bloom said: "No, I think I'm standing up for ordinary people at the pub, the cricket club, the rugby club, the sort of people who remain completely unrepresented under the political system that we have."

Mr Bloom, in response to suggestions that people might not want to vote for a party that had a member who referred to "bongo bongo land", added: "We live in a free country, I'm a libertarian, please don't vote for me if you don't agree with me. I wouldn't expect you to.

"But if you're fed up with £1 billion a month going abroad with no audit trail when we're cutting our police and hospitals, vote for me. If you don't believe that's (aid) treason - treason, I use the word advisedly - that's how I feel. That's it."


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