Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Diet Plan: Is 6000 Calories And 3 Hours Of Exercise Per Day Sustainable?

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Diet: Is 6000 Calories And 3 Hours Of Exercise Per Day Sustainable?

When the world isn't staring in awe at Hugh Jackman's ripped physique as Wolverine in X-Men, it's no doubt wondering how to get said physique (or how to persuade one's boyfriend to get it).

But such a body wasn't achieved overnight, as we're sure you all know, Jackman's diet and fitness plan was gruelling, disciplined and not for the faint hearted.

He tells Oprah in the video below, how - under instruction from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - he ate 6,000 calories per day and exercised for almost three hours. He had one rest day per week where he could eat as much as he wanted.

"He [Dwayne] went through the diet. It was 6,000 calories, eating every two hours," Jackman says recalling his initial call with the ex-wrestler. "It was like, two chicken breasts, steamed broccoli, beans and maybe some carbs."

Intrigued we spoke to HuffPost UK blogger, fitness and nutrition expert Sam Feltham, to find out whether the Hugh Jackman diet plan is well suited to your average Joe.


  • I don't think the workout plan is sustainable and unless you do it with a trainer. It's probably not advisable for the average person. Most people don't have 90 minutes knocking about in a day and have no idea of how to hold a barbell.
  • It's a great plan to get a film star in shape who is naturally lean already, but for the average person I would change it to be a 30 minute workout.
  • For someone who wants to get in Hugh Jackman shape, I'd recommend for them to get a trainer who will be able to keep them motivated, but who would also be accountable for getting them in shape. I'd also recommend them to ask themselves if they are truly willing to make the necessary sacrifices to make it happen?


  • It really depends on your schedule. If you were working out early in the morning as Hugh is, yes I would recommend not eating carbs after 3pm. However if your workout is in the afternoon I'd recommend not eating carbs in the morning, and having them at lunch and after your workout instead.
  • Jackman does eat a fair amount of protein but he'd need that to repair and build his muscles after the amount of working out he does. For most of us, who can only fit in 2 or 3 workouts a week, a similar eating plan would be good on workout days but on non-workout days lower carb and protein intake and increase fat consumption, to help you to run purely on fatty acids on those inactive days.